Millionaires were daffodils with a stable psyche

Millionaires more likely to be narcissists, who consider themselves “very special people”. However, they also show higher emotional stability, as the study showed.

From Donald trump to Mick Jagger and Alla Pugacheva – very rich people often are the classic daffodils. However, the study showed that having a impressive state do consider myself special, that is special people. Researchers interviewed 130 German millionaires and found that they are pronounced extroverts. These people focus on themselves. However, the study also found that millionaires have one pronounced trait that allows them to succeed in life is emotional stability.

Overall, among the respondents there were a large number of men of middle and old age. They agreed with the statement that they are “very special” people with “stunning personality”. Experts have compared the answers to the questions millionaires with the results of the same tests of 23,000 ordinary people. It turned out that the rich people pronounced traits of daffodils, but also an amazing emotional stability. The study confirmed some stereotypes about millionaires, but also showed that these stereotypes are sometimes exaggerated.

Among the positive features of people who have achieved great States, also noteworthy is their greater openness and a high level of education. Millionaires were less conservative in some matters and more willing to take risks. However, perhaps this readiness and helped them in their time to achieve success in the accumulation of funds. (READ MORE)