Malnutrition: causes, symptoms, threats

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Causes of undernutrition

Symptoms of malnutrition

The threat of disease

What should be the balanced diet

Food is a necessary source of strength and energy. Without minerals, vitamins and other components derived from food, a person will neither health nor health nor mood. Undernutrition can significantly affect the well-being, and symptoms will occur far not at once.

Read the material about what can be the causes of malnutrition what are the symptoms and health risks in this case exist.

Causes of undernutrition

The lack of power in most cases arises from the fact that the people themselves refuse to eat. Often you can find girls who are striving to lose weight go on diets and then suffer from malnutrition. Even the notorious proper nutrition may not be sufficient.

We must realize that following the advice from different pitoresc who sell their weight loss programs, you always bring yourself a favor. They are often chasing a profit, do not pay attention to your individual characteristics.

The observance of any diet should be controlled by the specialist or you have an excellent understanding of the intricacies of your diet. You can’t just stop eating as much as before, eliminate carbs or other important body components. Such leads to malnutrition, and with it various negative consequences.

Often inadequate nutrition associated with eating disorders. People are not able to fully assess the needs of your body. For example, quite often people with high metabolism eat not enough calories not enough to cover the required energy. Hence the lack of energy, sickness, or other alarming symptoms.

Symptoms of malnutrition

Not every person realizes that he has malnutrition. Many signs and symptoms do not manifest immediately, but after a few days, or even weeks. Malnutrition has a cumulative effect and cope with its consequences and threats is quite difficult. Let us examine the most common symptoms.

Symptom # 1: fatigue. The man begins to tire quickly, it decreases performance, decreases mood for business. Temporary fatigue becomes chronic. And the basis of the strength and energy of man is, of course, food. The number of calories depends very much. If we get enough, neither of which fighting spirit and speech can not be.

Symptom No. 2: a frequent disease. Often, because of malnutrition there is a deficiency of the immune system. And hence frequent illnesses. They are accompanied by their own symptoms. The problem is that during a diet the body loses the nutrients that are needed to maintain health. By the way, it is fraught not only by disease but also by complications. Due to the fact that your immune system is not working as it should, there is a risk of various problems — even the common cold can result in hospitalization and can develop into something more. If you suffer from malnutrition or are on a diet, you need at least to take additional vitamins and minerals that will help to keep the body in good shape.

Symptom No. 3: infertility. Inadequate nutrition causes problems with conceiving a child, sometimes there is infertility. The fact that all calories are spent on maintaining important life-supporting functions such as breathing, circulation. This decreases the production of sex hormones, and sometimes stops altogether. Hence the lack of sexual desire, problems with conception.

Symptom No. 4: a sensation of cold. Man needs food to maintain body temperature. If it is insufficient, and the temperature will drop. Accordingly, you will experience a constant cold. Can freeze as individual parts of the body, and all of it.

Symptom No. 5: problems with the skin. Again, malnutrition is the deficiency of vitamins, including vitamin E, which is needed for beautiful skin. Inadequate nutrition will lead to dryness of the skin, the skin will be easier to be subjected to burns, the harm of ultraviolet radiation.

The threat of disease

There are a number of threats which are fraught with inadequate nutrition. One of the most important threats can be called infertility, but it develops over time. If you do not have enough vitamins and minerals a couple of weeks, this is unlikely to happen immediately.

Many diseases are linked, of course, underweight. For example, another threat is a hormonal imbalance. This women develop osteoporosis happen bone fractures, hence other threats, such as the absence of ovulation (again, this is due to infertility).

Often because of lack of food affects adolescents, especially young girls who are striving for a slender figure. In this case, there are the following threats — violation of processes of growth and development.

To the threats of malnutrition include fatigue, diseases of the oral cavity, dental problems, malfunctions of the immune system, anemia, diseases of the digestive tract. You must correctly relate to matters within their power, to disease and other threats have not caught up.

What should be the balanced diet

With proper nutrition must consider not only the purity of your diet, but calorie content. With the help of special formulas you need to calculate how many calories a day should eat. This can be done in any application for counting calories, then you need to monitor your diet, driving in it all eaten per day products.

The diet should contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This will help maintain the metabolic process normal. No need to include in the diet a lot of sugar, just to increase the caloric content. The food must be balanced. Besides a lot of sugar is fraught with a threat — heart disease and blood vessels, diabetes and other problems.

All products should be evenly distributed on 5-6 receptions in day three primary and a couple of snacks. Be sure to include in your diet protein, complex carbs, healthy fats. All this will allow you to maintain your health and cope with the problem of malnutrition.