In the forests of the United States discovered the virus mutant

In the forests of the US, scientists discovered a large alien virus, or rather of 16 varieties. Previously, it is formed by raising the temperature of the air.

Large alien virus was spotted by staff of the Massachusetts state University at Amherst Harvard forest, above which the researchers carry out scientific observations for over three decades. Biologists have identified referred to living organisms by chance, studying how soil changes due to global warming. Scientists wanted to see how increasing temperatures affect specific bacteria for which they were isolated. As a result, researchers have identified microorganisms that can be attributed neither to the bacteria nor the archaea or the eukaryotes. Our experts have doubted that such a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms generally live.

Forests – not only the area inhabited by the alien virus, the giants. Such organisms have previously been detected in the waters of Australia and Chile. By the standards of non-cellular infectious agents, they actually can be attributed to “giants”, although to humans they are still tiny – just 1 x 0.5 µm, that is visible only through a special microscopic equipment. Then find presumably fell to Earth from Mars, called the Pandora virus. It is propagated only inside its victim, but for the person threatening is not.

Such alien “megaverse” found by scientists since the early 1990-ies. Some of them, for example, infect and kill deep-sea amoebas.