In the cold and without a hat: than it threatens?

If it was my mom, when forced to wear the hated headdress? Or is it another myth of the Soviet Union? Let’s see what scientists say.

What happens if you go out into the cold without a hat?

Meringue caps can be supercooled to earn chills and even to freeze their ears (or nose).

And even from a cold in some people, a headache in the skin of many blood vessels, and cold air causes a spasm. In the International classification of headache this condition is called “headache due to cold stimuli”. To “recover”, you just need to wear a hat: half an hour later the discomfort will pass.

What about meningitis? They say if you walk around without a hat – you’ll catch this dangerous disease

This is not so. No meningitis or SARS not occur because of hypothermia, because this infectious disease. To catch, the body must get some kind of germ or virus. Hypothermia may play a role, because of his immunity temporarily reduced. But fairly minor.

And the hair? How does cold for them?

Scientists do not believe that the dislike of the caps can cause the loss of hair is more of a rumor. Studies show that in summer and autumn, the hair falls out even more than in the winter. But too tight caps as time is can impede blood flow in the scalp and this will trigger the loss of section and other problems with hair.

At what temperature you need to wear a hat?

It depends on the person and his level of training. And from the time he spent on the street, the wind and humidity. One and 8 without a hat uncomfortable, and others and in the cold go without hats. Focus on your own feelings.

Especially careful in the cold need to be people with cardiovascular disease. Why? Tell everything in detail in the article “beware of the cold! Low temperature is dangerous for cores”.