How to choose a champagne for the New year

Experts Roskoshestvo have shared recommendations on how to choose champagne for the New year. In their opinion, for a small amount in the Russian shops it is possible to find a good drink.

Experts suggest that the label of this champagne do not have to meet the name “wine drink carbonated” or “sparkling wine”. Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Ilya Loev noticed that these drinks often have enticing titles that may seem foreign wine brands. At a respectable foreign manufacturers can be like bottle, foil. Smell – from peach to strawberry. However, it is not champagne.

“In the bottle of this sparkling drink can contain up to 50% of the wine, and the rest is water, flavoring and coloring, and the “method of fermentation” – the artificial gassing,” said Ilya Loev adding that even with the low cost value of such drinks are questionable.
Speaking about how to choose champagne for the New year, Roskoshestvo noted, saying that for the price of 300 roubles in Russian stores you can find not the worst wine. In this price range the experts suggest to choose products of big manufacturers. Sweeter wines, according to experts, no less quality than dry. Among Russian manufacturers of wines they consider worthy semi-dry and sweet wines. Russian sparkling wine from 200-300 rubles Roskoshestvo praised as “not the worst”. Wines from 1500 rubles – as the “most interesting”.

Also, when you select champagne for New year experts advise to pay attention to the presence of “protected geographical indications or protected appellations of origin” contains information about the region of the harvest. If the label says champagne is “vintage”, it means that the wine is aged for at least 6 months in a special capacity or a minimum of 9 months in the bottle. If “collectible” that means champagne made in the classic method and aged in bottle a minimum of two years.

It is useful to know that the best champagne goes well with cheeses, caviar, oysters, fish and seafood, nuts. To semi-sweet champagne, you can serve light desserts such as marshmallows, soufflés, biscuits. Cheap champagne is better to drink ice cold. Earlier Magicforum wrote about how useful and harmful properties have champagne.