How much water during the heating season?

Drinking regime during the winter period is extremely important, since the body at this time of the year affects the heating season. In addition, in the winter increases consumption of tea and coffee consumed for warming, – while these drinks are diuretics products and require additional clean drinking water.

Physicians shared their opinions about how much water should you drink during the heating season. According to them, the average physiological needs in clean moisture is 30 grams of water per kilogram of body weight.

“The volume of pure water, excluding the soups, juices, tea, coffee, milk and any liquid food, is 1.5-2 liters a day. This recommendation is suitable for the winter period. But if a person plays sports, his need for liquids increases,” said cardiologist telemedicine service “Health Module” Roman Shuldeshov.
He also noted that after each glass of tea or coffee you need to drink pure water after these drinks with a diuretic effect active moisture leaves the body and the fluid balance it is important to balance. If a person drinks enough water, this creates the preconditions for the development of dehydration, sleepiness and headaches.

In addition, the conditions of the heating season are important for the wellbeing factor is humidity and temperature environment. According to the resuscitator, the technician remote service Telemed Andrei Melnikov, the optimum temperature of residential premises it should not exceed 20-22 degrees in the office – 18-20 degrees. With more hot air in the room (25-26 degrees) aktiviziruyutsya mechanisms of thermoregulation, as a result, water evaporates much more intense out of the body through breath and sweat. In such circumstances, increases the body’s need for fluid, but people often do not feel as pronounced a sense of thirst may not be. But the lack of water on the background heating can be a bad influence on blood circulation, heart and brain, the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, in very warm areas to actively develop bacteria.

Experts emphasize that the air must be moistened. For example, more frequent wet cleaning, use a humidifier, keep the battery open container of water. To improve the microcirculation of the air in the apartment and the office help plants.

“Overheated, with low humidity, poorly ventilated room can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases – hypertension, asthma. Too dry air increases the likelihood of viral diseases, and can cause angina, heart attack, rise in blood pressure,” stated the doctors.
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