How much bread you need to eat per day?

Bread – product, rich in carbohydrates and calories. Especially made from white wheat flour, devoid of coarse fibers. But if there are no health problems to give up bread impossible. How much bread should you eat a day?

Advice about the use of bread shared by the main freelance dietitian Volgograd region Hope Studenkov. According to the expert, in the absence of individual contraindications necessary to take into account body weight. So, obese people can safely eat 100 grams of rye bread a day, but from the use of wheat bread and bakery products should be abandoned altogether.

The nutritionist said that the day a person must consume food from 1400 to 2170 calories – this calorie involves the intake of proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals. Bread calories fit into this structure, but strictly in moderate volume.

“On the recommendations of the Institute of nutrition a person with normal health you need to eat per day 150 grams of white bread and 150 grams rye,” explained nutritionist.
The doctor added that people who cannot imagine their lives without wheat bread, you need to prefer it the most healthy options. According to experts, thin unleavened pita in this respect is better than a loaf or bun. Lavash can be eaten up to 200-250 grams per day, as it is well absorbed and does not cause fermentation in the gut.

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