Healthy food may not be available for all

Experts Golfscope University (Canada) said that people need in a healthy diet is not provided and it can be achieved in the future. Scientists believe that a healthy diet may not be affordable for everyone – on Earth is not enough for this natural and high quality products.

Experts compared the recommended for a healthy diet the amount of food indices of production in agriculture and found: we need to maintain healthy amounts of vegetables and fruits physically is not enough for everyone. The inability to ensure the needs of people for healthy food scientists associated with dynamic population growth on the planet. The number of people on Earth is steadily increasing while natural resources are shrinking as reduced land area for growing vegetable crops.

According to scientists, the resources that modern people power, organized in such a way that the lion’s share of food ingredients are not plant foods, and not the most healthy or even harmful components.

“While the food industry produces excessive amounts of fat sugar and grains, vegetables, fruits and protein products to meet the needs of the population in modern conditions is becoming less,” – noted experts.
From the point of view of healthy nutrition the diet should consist of 25% of proteins, fats and dairy products, 25% whole grains, 50% fruits and vegetables. Today, according to the researchers, one person on average produces 12 servings of grain instead of the recommended 8 and 3 servings of protein instead of 5.3. As for fruits and vegetables, consumed only 1.5 servings instead of 15.

It is expected that in 2050 the world population will reach the figure of 9.8 billion people. Scientists believe that to provide so many people a healthy diet is virtually impossible. Experts bitterly stated that the use of healthy foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy eating, becoming a factor that is directly correlated with social welfare.

Prior to this, scientists from Harvard University (USA) found that one of the most preferred types of food for health is the Mediterranean diet and other cuisines of the world, rich in fish and other seafood eaten with vegetables, these food types help to increase life expectancy and slow the aging process. In turn, French scientists proved that eating healthy food that is organic, grown without pesticides products can effectively protect against cancer. By the way, the authors of the new study say that the increase in the production of healthy products as fruit and vegetables will reduce the required agricultural land area of 50 million hectares, as they take up less land to grow than, for example, grain and sugar.

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