Fresh juices increase the risk of stroke and cancer

Fresh juices increase the risk of developing life-threatening diseases, particularly such as stroke and cancer, this was stated by the endocrinologist-nutritionist Vadim Krylov. The expert says: fresh juices are no healthier than the fizzy drinks.

Followers of a healthy lifestyle often believe that to start need day with a glass of fresh juice. According to Krylov, this habit is very harmful. Specialist called fresh juices one of the most dangerous foods in the world.

Krylov explains that the juices are deprived of the main values of the fruit from which they are pressed – fiber food. As it absorb dietary fiber and excreted from the intestines of heavy metals and toxins, improve the microflora. Fresh juice without the fiber is just an extra dose of sugar and carbohydrates, consumption of which causes problems with the body.

“A glass of fresh juice of equal caloric serving of chicken with pasta. Those calories go straight to fat deposited around internal organs and resulting in metabolic syndrome,” said Krylov.
Fruit and berry juices, purified from dietary fiber, significantly increase the level of glucose in the blood and contribute to the development of diabetes. Even fresh vegetable juices, carrot and beet contain a lot of sugar and can disrupt carbohydrate metabolism in the body. As a source of sugar, freshly squeezed juices are in no way inferior in its effect on the body, fizzy drinks – in the same way they increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer, the expert noted.

Note that the “American heart Association” published a report according to which use at least one jar of soda a day, man increases three times the risk of stroke. Also this increases the likelihood of inflammation and destruction of tissues, which can lead to the development of cancer.