Foods low in energy to significantly accelerate the weight loss

Experts from Leeds University stated that products that are low in energy, but rich in nutrients, is very effective to lose weight. Such products, according to scientists, that reduce the amount of snacking that is associated with the absorption of too many calories.

The research of experts from Leeds showed that eating low-energy foods in 14 weeks, helped overweight volunteers lose an average of 5-6 pounds. In particular, the subjects who wanted to lose weight at conducted the experiment, used fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs and legumes. On the day they ate different foods on 1400 calories

Scientists explained: for people who want to lose weight, a big problem is the strong sense of hunger, which between-meal used plenty all kinds of snacks. All this leads to the fact that absorbed too many calories, not consumed by the body. Products with low energy consumption help to cope with this problem.

During the experiment, participants who had used these products reported that they felt less hungry, and also did not experience strong cravings for unhealthy food, which ultimately helped them lose weight. Products with low energy consumption differ in the composition, which contains a lot of water, protein and fiber. According to scientists, it is the composition of the products and not on their calorie you need to pay attention to those who want to lose weight.

“250 grams carrots 20 grams of chocolate are equivalent in calories, but the carrot is much more useful if you want to lose weight” – gave an example of experts.
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