Food that helps prevent cancer

The Independent reported that scientists were able to prove a huge benefit to human health from eating organic produce. In particular, said the researchers, it reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.

According to The Independent, the authors of the project, French scientists observed the power of people (almost 70 thousand people) between 2009 and 2016. The participants were divided in groups based on content in their diet of organic foods. Organic food is a variety of products, produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives, GMOs.

The results showed that people who ate organic food more often, were better protected from the likelihood of getting cancer. This pattern was confirmed even in the calculations, taking into account the effect on the risk of developing cancer other factors.

“Those who consumed organic products often have been exposed to the risk of a tumor on 25% less,” stated the study authors.
At the same time, scientists declared that organic food does not affect the probability of occurrence of colon cancer or prostate, as previously thought.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about skeptical scientists ‘ opinion on the usefulness of organic products. Experts made a conclusion that such products may contain “natural”, but it is dangerous for the body bacteria, fungi and pathogens.