Family dinners teach teenagers to eat healthy

A new study has shown the benefits of family dinners. Thanks to the joint meal teenagers go on a healthy diet, it doesn’t matter how actively they communicate with their parents.

Joint family Lunches and dinners do positively affect the nutrition of teenagers and teach them healthy food. This happens even if the adolescents themselves. not a very good relationship with their parents up to the absence of normal dialogue. The researchers made this conclusion, observing the lives of 2,000 American households. It turned out that those teenagers who in a week had at least two shared meals with his family, subsequently consumed significantly more fruits and vegetables, and less of different kinds of fast food.

Moreover, the influence of family Lunches and dinners most strongly discernible in boys who, unlike girls, themselves, often use junk food. It is certainly not the first study proving the benefits of family meals, but its authors believe that society needs this kind of reminder, because of the epidemic of obesity in different countries is gaining momentum. And an increasing number of teenagers are becoming its victims, since they prefer fast food, not healthy food.

Note that in the US, family dinners are still an important part of the culture. 88% of Americans regularly eat with other members of his family. But the problem is that 90% of Americans not like to cook, so during family dinners they put on the table some ordered cafes and restaurants serving, or the heated semi-finished products, which are not very good for the health. (READ MORE)