External slim, inside fat: The Tofi phenomenon endangers many Thin

Who is slim, has no weight problem? This idea is wrong. Also many Thin, have a high level of body fat on with the corresponding risks for the health. This “thin-Thick” are the danger most are not aware of. But there are warning signs.

Obesity is classified according to the Body Mass Index (BMI), which relates the body mass to the square of the body size. The BMI value is used as a rough guide. A BMI is equal to or greater than 25 as Overweight, and a BMI equal to or greater than 30 obesity means morbid Obesity.

Do you not think perhaps that the subject of happiness. You are of normal weight, externally, slim? Sorry about that. The danger is not averted. I can not also calm down the Thin among them to this point, in a lump sum. Unfortunately!

The BMI as the sole criterion for being Overweight is criticized. Although he is a clever tool to detect Obesity. Since he does not distinguish between muscle and fat mass, so potentially an acceptable weight can be displayed, although the body fat percentage is critical increases, escapes the BMI the particularly vulnerable group of thin Thick. The group to which no-one thinks that, and so far, neither officially as threatened and classified systematically.

The literature speaks of obesity, despite normal weight

The thin Thick have a good figure, are considered to be healthy and fit. Huge Mistake! Even a BMI in the high normal range and still increase the risk of cancer. To be thin is not synonymous with healthy. The thin-Thick – in the jargon it is called TOFIs (Thin Outside, Fat Inside) – are people who have, according to BMI normal weight, but on the inside are surrounded by fat. The seemingly slim people are after your body composition is anything but healthy, too much fat and too little muscle. In the literature one speaks of “normal weight obesity”, in obesity, despite normal weight.

To The Person

Anne Fleck is a specialist in Internal medicine and rheumatology. Known to a wide audience, it is, inter alia, from the TV series “The diet Docs”, (NDR television) and as a best-selling author (including “The 50 healthiest 10-minutes-recipes”).

On the Internet, you discussed the issue of “skinny fat”, thin, but fat. New studies are alarming. A study from Finland examined in 4786 subjects aged 25 to 74 years of age, what is the role of diet and lifestyle in the case of the thin-Thick play. At the initial examination the BMI was calculated. Among the participants, 28 percent of men and 42 percent of the women were of normal weight, so externally, slim. Nevertheless, 34 percent exposed to these men, and even 45 percent of women as a thin thickness with a lot of fat and hardly any muscles.

It is estimated that around 40 percent of the Slim real TOFIs. A shocking number! Normal weight, internal fat, external slim, walk with a significantly increased risk of disease for stroke, infertility and cancer by the world. Here is the riddle why the slim people develop high blood pressure, or suddenly of Diabetes mellitus are diagnosed decrypted for you.

Unhealthy Diet

The TOFIs are especially in trouble. What happens, exactly? They often have a fat belly, known as visceral fat. This is due to our Lifestyle: lack of exercise and chronic malnutrition – for example, by the conventional carbohydrate-based diet with the chocolate, cake, Franz bread, biscuits, Pudding, ice cream, candy, pretzel, cheese, bread, Cheeseburgers, and Salami Sandwich. The combination of sugar and starch – white Bread with fat, bread with sausage, cheese, meat especially fattening. Studies have shown that too many carbohydrates from bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and alcohol are unfavorable. However, there is a lack of vegetables, salad, fiber and protein.

A dramatic consequence: It is not only for the fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity, but also the liver, pancreas, kidney, brain, heart and arteries, and even the bones become fatty. This ectopic, outsourced fat cooker is an aggressive inflammation. It produces messenger substances, the fuel in the entire body is a chronic systemic inflammation. This is a so far not yet completely clarified reaction of the immune system. This dangerous, silent-running inflammatory response is petrol in the fire of the disease, development of Diabetes, Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, stroke, chronic renal failure and cancer.

In the case of the TOFIs Smoking as a risk factor is rare. Studies show that Smoking has a particularly adverse impact on the distribution of fat in the body. Fat is not stashed regular subcutaneously under the skin, but visceral in the abdominal cavity, etc., and is detrimental to the process of chronic inflammation of the entire organism.

How do you recognize a TOFI

In a classic way, looks like a thin Thick, according to study data, such as: sleek Appearance, narrow joints, hardly any muscles, the thin shoulder muscles, a sunken chest and small rolls of fat on the belly. You can recognize fat in the so-called Apple shape of the body the tendency to increase on the belly, the delicate slope to rescue rings, or loosely speaking, the small Muffin on the waistband.

People with pear-shaped fat distribution, the fat in the area of the buttocks and upper save the legs, which is the preferred fat distribution in women, in comparison to the Apple shaped better protection from chronic inflammation or insulin resistance. You are in this point of the discussion in a clear survival advantage. If you suspect that you might be affected, the medical inventory on a doctor visit and lab tests.

Warning signs for thin thickness

A faint warning signs of the TOFIs frequently encountered metabolic disorder “insulin resistance”. The body’s cells no longer respond to Insulin. Every second to third adult in the industrialized Nations is affected to a different extent. The insulin resistance is not grating to us with excruciating pain, she is a sneaky, quiet as a mouse, unnoticed for a long time – and fire-dangerous. It is the short fuse for Obesity and Diabetes mellitus. Without a diet medical correction health are inevitable negative consequences.

The insulin resistance, you come to the bottom of this, by testing the fasting blood sugar at the doctor. Only when looking for it, you can expose the insulin resistance and heal. Keep in mind, is the first step. But you can still continue to play Detective and, if you are a TOFI. Lab test of a thin thickness in comparison to normal weight often blood changes: increased inflammation values, bad fats in the blood, and not rarely also of increased blood pressure.

Thin thickness have more risk factors than the thick-thick

Studies speculate that thin thickness have more risk factors than the thickness of the thickness, since they do not have good muscle mass as the “normal” thickness. Therefore, TOFIs with a pre-existing heart disease are all obesity-risk groups, the highest mortality. That’s because healthy muscles acts on the production of Myokinen, contrary to messengers from the muscle, the cardiovascular system-damaging inflammatory reaction. Thin and thick does not hurt, no one suspects the danger.

TOFIs are only in the past few years, the subject of the research. As a supposedly slim you have to fly so far undetected under the Radar of the medicine. Something had to happen. A change in Diet and a consistent muscle building for thin Thick essential. Probably, it is in the eyes of our society for a thin Thick even more difficult, the social environment, to make it clear that he needs to work on, although he is of normal weight. Mass normally think “slim = fit”. This is a mistake that, unfortunately, is not framed so far in terms of health policy. Of structured recommendations for thin thickness, we are in the inertia of the guidelines, the development of light-years.