Eating fish eyes and cockroaches are considered useful

Some nutritionists talk about the benefits to health of a diet of the so-called pasture. Her supporters are actively eat fish eyes, cockroaches and even kangaroo testicles.

A diet of pasture is a food that surrounds us, and what we can take from nature, not really applying force. For example, grass, leaves, trees, forest berries, as well as body parts of animals, usually to eat not eat. Some components of this diet may cause revulsion, but experts say that they are good for health. For example, fish eyes are a popular delicacy in the middle East, as they believe that they improve brain function. It is worth noting that even in the eyes of the fish contain fatty acids omega 3 reduce blood pressure. The Australians pasture can be very different, the edible part kangaroos, which are usually just thrown away. For example, the testicles. It is believed that this product contains low amount of fat and a large portion of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, in these eggs there are a number of zinc, magnesium and iron.

Crickets do not often fall to us in the eye, however they’ve become increasingly popular delicacy. However, in order to collect enough crickets for food production, efforts are still necessary to put. But in 100 g of crickets more than 20% of the daily recommended dose of protein and only 121 calories. Crickets have also a lot of calcium and vitamins. But what you say about eating cockroaches? It turns out that this is also a very nutritious product, 100 g of which 10% of the daily recommended dose of calcium and 20% protein. However, we are talking about the particular Argentine insects.

The sheep brain is referred to as an excellent source of vitamin B12 and protein, it is recommended good to fry. It is full of copper, selenium, and calcium,which are very useful for natural antioxidant system of the body. Finally, the insect like silkworm, is very popular in China, because in the body it is converted in fatty acids omega-3. The silkworm is also a lot of calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins B1, B2 and B3. (READ MORE)