Depression, sick warns: Spahns new supply law, endangered people’s lives.

With the appointment service and supply act, Insured persons are to come in the future faster to a doctor’s appointment. At the end of September the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, has introduced a corresponding draft law. However, there is a resistance. For the mentally Ill, the law carries risks.

The appointment service and supply act, short-TSVG, sounds like a good idea, Jens Spahn. The legally Insured are supposed to come faster to a doctor’s appointment. The tasks of appointment service to be expanded. In regions with a medical supply Fund, medical associations need to open up their own practices or alternative supply options.

The needs and the problems of the mentally Ill ignores the law completely. In your case, the TSVG, you can only begin a course of psychotherapy, if they have met before with therapists who have regarded a therapy as a matter of urgency.

From my own experience I know how hard it is to as a person with mental health problems alone the step to get help. A preliminary interview just makes it All the more difficult to build higher hurdles.

When I was admitted after a suicide attempt in the mental hospital, was the need to help quickly clear. It does not need to come more often so far, because people manage to take this help with the hurdle of the Pre-filing stage? The TSVG does not lead to the Affected get the help they needed. Even more people will stop to seek help. This act endangers human life!

Petition against bill

It is a Petition of various psychiatric associations against the law is already running. Within a very short time, she received over 93,000 signatures. It says, the law discriminates against the mentally ill patients. You will represent the learning burden, often enormous, high shame-encrusted mental burdens to treat, you will not see you later in the rule, and you have not chosen to Trust. And more: Mentally a hurdles race is expected to accept the sick, the burdened you unnecessarily. It is a new eye of a needle before the actual treatment.

More effort for psychiatrists and psychologists

For psychiatrists and psychologists, the TSVG leads to even more expenses. Because it binds to the already far too few therapists even more with unnecessary, dangerous assessments. In the Petition it States: The proposed action binds completely unnecessary, the resources of Doctors and psychotherapists who are deprived of the actual psychotherapeutic treatment.

Affected need quick help

Mr Spahn, this law is a slap in the face of patients ‘ and relatives! You think that people in acute psychological distress do without important assistance, and perhaps even in a life-threatening situation. Who creates the step, to turn, in spite of mental health problems to a therapist or a doctor that needs quick assistance, not bureaucratic nonsense that ties up resources, to create instead of new.

Mr Spahn, your project is dangerous! I survived, thank God. Whether it would have come with this Law, which I don’t dare to imagine me.

The Protest is loud, but he still needs to be louder. Because it goes to people who are in urgent need of help and not of a psychologist for therapy or not therapy. Especially since this is a preliminary, long clear, often there is a need first of several meetings to identify the problem.