Depression-Sick told: “In psychiatry, the normal people sit”

A suicide attempt made a guest author Uwe Hauck aware that he needs help. He suffers from severe depression. In a clinic, he learned to accept the disease and to learn the further life with her.

I have depression. A fact, to stand the I today. But until then, it’s been a long road, at the beginning of almost my death. Maybe it was lucky to have survived, perhaps sheer fatalism in the face of closed-and open-psychiatry over a period of nearly half a year. After that, I accepted the Depression as part of me as my dark companion. Because that is not what many outsiders. A Depression is not a character flaw or a quick mood. Depression is a treatable illness. Only the treatment is much more protracted than many can imagine. Sometimes it lasts for a lifetime.

You feel nothing at all

If I’m in a depressive Phase, everything feels Good, Beautiful, and Positive as ephemeral as through a sieve, trickling Sand. It’s not sad, it is actually nothing at all. Almost every feeling disappears. You may feel fear, because the mind says so, so it must not go further.

Those incision, two years ago, when I wanted to take my life, has triggered in me the realization that I need help. This realization was so shocking that I let myself be in a mental hospital. Sure one or the other will be thinking of scenes from “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”. However, modern psychiatry has to do with hardly anything.

In the psychiatric clinic

Therapy, movement therapy, conversations with therapists and fellow patients malt, one embarks on the search for the causes, according to the patterns of behaviour that were once good, but now to interrupt the life. And what I learned during the clinic stays, is Actually the normal people that no longer come with the madness of it on the outside to sit in the psychiatry.

I met a sensitive, intelligent, creative people who have learned it to perfection, to wear masks. Happy man, successful man, a powerful man. All masks we all have worn very gifted to our long-broken soul show just anybody.

Depressive phases trapping

I needed four weeks in the first hospital, to me the illness of Depression. Thereafter, the search began to play: Where is there something wrong? What are my false assumptions? How can I get my illness under control? Since my Depression is recurring, I’m going to probably be faced for the Rest of my life in order to experience depressive episodes. But I can tone it down now to intercept.

Mindfulness, movement, less Stress. These are my tools to combat my disease. Maybe it’s really true that depression occur today, the same as in earlier times. But my feeling tells me that our performance-oriented lifestyle that defines the people by productivity, success, higher speed, depression promotes at least.

Editors ‘ note: We have decided in this case to report about a suicide theme. Unfortunately, it can happen that depressed-assessed people to see Reports of this kind of view reinforces that life had little meaning. It should happen to you, please contact pastoral care of immediately the phone. Help you will find free Hotlines such as 0800-1110111 or 0800 3344533.

Not everyone can be a gunman

I don’t expect people who are not affected by depression, understand the issue fully. But it is important to me that depression and other mental disorders are understood in the General Public as a disease. This does not, in any rampage all mentally ill people under General suspicion. This is one reason why I’m going with my illness so much of the Public, why I hold lectures in front of students and other Interested parties, and attempts to make courage, to treat.

In everyday life, the topic disappears much too quickly and you have to endure as a victim very soon again, statements such as “You’re good!” or “Look what you did!”. A mentally ill person is almost never a danger for its environment, if at all, then.

The close connection between Depression and suicide, here, speaks a clear language. More acceptance, more awareness of the problems of depressive people can save lives. And anyone who is struggling with depression: get help. Without the help of the fight against the disease.

About the guest author

Uwe Hauck is an author and Blogger. He lives with his wife and three children in Schwäbisch Hall. After a suicide attempt Hauck was in the year of 2015 in a total of three clinics, in order to let his severe, recurrent depression is to treat. About this time he tweeted pats under the Hashtag #fruitsalad and reported on his Blog. Now his book, “Depression leave”.