Brain Performance Institute launches app to boost brain power

The Brain Performance Institute at the Center for BrainHealth has launched a new game-based app to help people of all ages maintain and strengthen their cognitive abilities.

The free Brain Performance Challenge app leverages an evolving game-based structure to give users a snapshot of their strategic thinking abilities at any given time, provide tips for boosting brain performance and allow them to track improvement over time, as they put those tips into practice. Each challenge takes approximately three minutes to complete. Users can track their performance over time and also compare their scores with the averages of all other players, separated by age group.

“The Challenge is intended to introduce key brain performance concepts in a fun way and informally measure your strategy, reasoning and innovation skills,” said Lara Ashmore, Ph.D., director of emerging technologies and online programs. “Like everything we do at the Brain Performance Institute, the app is based on cognitive science and what we know about how the brain trains itself. We are very pleased that initial feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The Center for BrainHealth partnered with Pariveda Solutions and its interns during their 11-week summer program supporting a local non-profit. “The team at Pariveda was very responsive to our needs in developing this app, and in thinking through the user experience,” added Dr. Ashmore.

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