A diet based on spinach or minus 3 kg for 15 days

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Beneficial properties that has spinach

Antioxidant protection

How to maintain the beneficial properties

Menu of a diet based on spinach

Rich valuable for the body minerals and vitamins, spinach diet for weight losscan really work wonders. With the help of a diet based on spinach, you can easily lose up to 3 kg weight loss in 15 days, replenishing the reserves of vitamins and minerals.

Spinach is a good source of iron, and its leaves are dark green in color contain many other valuable nutrients, such as potassium, folic acid, vitamin C, carotene and antioxidants that make it one of the most efficient plants, the most effective in the prevention of cancer.

Originally from Persia, this vegetable was brought to Europe by the crusaders from the East. In our country it is widely cultivated and appreciated for the good taste of the leaves. Spinach has become fashionable as one of the best remedies for anemia. Magicforum found out how useful the spinach.

Beneficial properties that has spinach

Spinach contains almost 90% water, which implies a low energy value and advantage from the point of view of digestibility and transit of the bowel. The remaining 10% are distributed almost in equal proportions between carbohydrates that are digested very slowly, bringing the energy of the clock protein (this is one of the vegetables with higher content of protein) and fiber, essential for combating constipation.

The amount of fat contained in spine minimal. It is so valued for their ability to restore a high content of mineral salts that at present, doctors believe the spinach element of great importance to maintain blood pressure under control.

In spinach there are high concentrations of carotenoids (powerful antioxidants) including beta-carotene, the primary form of vitamin A, which reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration, a common cause of blindness among the elderly. Another carotenoid pigment is lutein, a powerful antioxidant, a great source of folate recommended for pregnant women to prevent spina bifida unborn child.

Spinachhelps with constipation, anemia, premenstrual syndrome and fatigue, it provides the body with energy and vitamins, and it contains almost no fat and calories.

Antioxidant protection

Free radicals are produced in the chemical processes of the body and are part of its natural defense mechanism. The imbalance of free radicals determines the conditions suitable for the occurrence of some forms of cancer, even if the experts are of the opinion that with adequate nutrition, you can avoid many forms of this disease.

When there is an increase in free radicals in the body, they damage healthy cells, which can turn into cancer cells. Some vitamins and minerals known as antioxidants and inhibitors of free radicals, counteract this effect. Vitamin a and vitamin C have specific anticancer properties.

Some recent studies have revealed a relationship between diets that include fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, with a decrease in the frequency of lung cancer, bladder, uterus, breast, esophagus and larynx and cervix. Foods especially rich in fiber help prevent colon cancer because they displace carcinogens.

How to maintain the beneficial properties

Nutritional value of spinach depends on the method of its preparation. Frying spinach in oil or bake in the oven saves: 50 % vitamin C, 10 % vitamin A, 40% of folic acid. In boiling water spinach retains: 5% minerals, 50 % vitamin C, 10 % vitamin A, 40% of folic acid.

Nutritional value of spinach:

•calories 32;

•protein 4 g;

•carbohydrates 4.2 g;

•fiber 7 g;

•fat 0.7 g.

Menu of a diet based on spinach

A diet based on spinach includes a very diverse and delicious daily menu. Its calorie content is 1300-1500 calories within 15 days. You can get it from different dishes but for lunch and dinner you always have to eat the spinach as the first course.

Breakfast (optional):

•Coffee or tea with skim milk, 3 tablespoons of cereal and fruit.

•Coffee or tea with skim milk, 3 toast wholemeal and fruit juice (orange, Apple, grapefruit or kiwi).

•Coffee or tea with skim milk, a slice of toasted wholemeal bread with cheese and orange juice.

•Coffee or tea with skim milk and a Cup of fresh fruit salad.

Appetizers (choice of):

•Fruit or fruit juice.

•Coffee or tea with skim milk.

•One low-fat yogurt.

•A piece of bread or whole grain toast with a slice of ham or cheese.


Choose from the following offers a first course, second course and dessert.

First course (choice of):

•Plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce, or with pesto (parsley, Basil, garlic, a few drops of olive oil, salt and pepper).

•Spinach, boiled and baked in the oven with garlic, onion and spoonful of oil.

•Spinach salad with 50 g of cottage cheese, seasoned with olive oil, vinegar and salt.

•Mixed salad with tomatoes, leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spinach and grated carrots.

•Vegetable soup (with spinach).

•Pasta salad with spinach, carrots, red pepper, corn and tuna.

•A salad of spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

•Cake of spinach.

Second course (choice of):

•180 grams of meat, fish or poultry (without skin) grilled, with 80 g of rice or small boiled potatoes.

•Scrambled eggs with shrimp.

•150 g chickpeas or lentils with vegetables.

Dessert (to choose):

•One low-fat yogurt.

•An Apple.

•Infusion of chamomile or lime.

•A small Cup of fruit salad.


•A glass of skim milk with 3 whole-wheat toast.


Select the first and the second dish listed below and a listed dessert for lunch.

First course:

•Salad with spinach (50 g), seasoned with salt, vinegar and olive oil.

Second course (choice of):

•A boiled egg or omelette, with 50 g of whole wheat bread and 100 g of cooked ham.

•100 g grilled aubergine with lemon and olive oil.

•85 grams of meat, fish or poultry (without skin) grilled with tomato salad.

•200 g of cooked vegetables (green beans, cauliflower or Swiss chard).

•150 g mushrooms with garlic and olive oil.

•2 whole grain toast with 50 g of cheese 100 g cooked ham.

•Mashed potatoes from a leek with low-fat cheese.

Spinach is not recommended to people suffering from arthritis, gout and kidney stones.

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