7 reasons for heightened feelings of hunger

Sometimes the feeling of hunger is exacerbated soon after eating, and forces us to consume excess calories. Physicians cited several reasons for such aggravation of hunger.

In particular, hungry desires we experience in a time when the body really needs moisture. This often happens to those who drink too little water. To better understand what the cause of the exacerbated hunger, need to drink a glass of water. About the hunger then goes away.

Another reason for the constant desire to eat – a lack of protein in the diet. Remember: protein is one of the key nutrients which the body needs. In addition, when a person eats too little, and the intervals between meals too large, it can feel hunger throughout the day. Experts advise to protect against exacerbations of hunger be sure to tightly Breakfast.

Also in the list of causes of acute feelings of hunger lack of sleep. If the person is a regular spitamenes 7-8 hours, it slows down metabolism and and then there are the pangs of hunger. In addition, sets in motion mechanisms incessant hunger chronic stress.
Tasty and nutritious food affects the receptors promote brain and causes the kind of responses the production of “pleasure hormones” that help to cope with stress, so many stress-eating in the literal sense.

In addition, acute starvation can occur when hyperthyroidism – violation of the thyroid gland, in which hormone production is excessive. Other symptoms of this disorder are menstrual irregularities, hand tremor, excessive sweating, fatigue, thinning and hair loss.

May cause exacerbation of hunger and medications. Read the instructions carefully: usually the drugs are accompanied by a warning that can increase appetite.

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