7 foods that don’t need to eat before bed

For a late snack fit many products, but not these. Nutritionists explained why these products don’t need to eat before going to bed – in short, their use contributes to weight gain and other troubles with the body.

In particular, nutrition experts suggest not to eat before bed fruit that contain a lot of sugar – grapes, pears, melon and watermelon, very ripe bananas and others. These products quickly increase the level of glucose in the blood – it gives a burst of energy, which will interfere with normal sleep.

The same applies to sweets and chips. These products are especially harmful to eat before going to sleep, because in addition to extra calories, tending to the deposition on the body as fat, they provide the body with a considerable amount of energy, which does not need a nervous system at night. Also, before you sleep don’t need to drink alcohol – it will cause anxiety and will make intermittent sleep, fatigue during the day, then it will be guaranteed.

Vegetables – healthy foods, but if you eat before bedtime cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, spinach, or tomatoes, they contained insoluble fiber have long to digest the intestines. The result can cause problems with bloating, flatulence, colic, which, of course, will hinder sleep. Stomach discomfort may cause drinking a soda, sweet drinks with gas.

No need to eat before bed red meat, because the product requires a long digestion. Meat should be consumed at least 4 hours before bedtime. Also better to stop eating before bed of pasta, especially with sauces. Pasta made from white refined flour have a lot of carbohydrates which during sleep only turn into fat.

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