6 crazy lifehacks for weight loss

Perfect figure means perfect harmony, which is very difficult to achieve. Experts have called 6 absolutely crazy hacking that really work in the fight against excess weight.

Breathe apples. If you believe the study conducted by researchers from Chicago, the inhalation of the aroma of apples helps in the fight against excess weight because it suppresses hunger pangs. Temporarily hunger signals from the brain are suspended.

Fed Breakfast. In General, in order to lose weight we should eat less. However, if for Breakfast we eat high calories during the day, the pleasant sensation of fullness to help us for the remainder of time to settle. And it reduces the overall calorie content and makes efficient the fight against obesity.

A clean workplace. This life hack psychologists often give to those who would like to reduce your stress levels. But it helps and wishing to lose weight. The more clean your home or workspace at the office, the less you will think about the different kinds of snacks, looking at the chocolate wrapper and a banana peel.

Wear tight clothes. This kind of closet since then, it has become very fashionable, but it can be useful in the fight against excess weight. If you wear tight clothes, after eating it will be unpleasant to put pressure on the skin. As a result, over time, you learn to eat less. That’s what they do in France.

The mirror in front of dining table. Install a mirror in the place where you can see the reflection of yourself at the dinner table. This technique allows not to eat too much and focus on what you eat.

A little more blue. Yes another crazy hack, whose scientific effectiveness is proven. Scientists from the University of Washington found that the blue color prevents hunger pangs and promotes weight loss. So use blue curtains in the kitchen, tablecloths or simply paint the walls blue. (READ MORE)