5 tips on how to protect themselves from the smog

Numerous studies show that smog reduces life expectancy and increases the risk of developing severe disease. Here are five tips that will help to overcome the negative effects of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Sugar cane. If you can buy this product, to achieve the desired effect it must be processed to extract the useful fibers and eating them, or to drink as a fresh juice. Sugar cane has the ability to rid the liver of toxins because its micronutrient strengthen the immune system, boosting energy levels and mood. All this Wandle protection from the smog.

Often drink milk with honey before bedtime. Warm milk protects against infections, allergies and bloating. The milk has anti-inflammatory effects, together with honey, it prevents damage to the skin and hair, characteristic of smog.

Pay special attention to the intake of vitamin supplements. Vitamins D and B12, carotene is very effective in protecting the body from the effects of smog and noxious emissions. Ensure that the intake of these supplements did not affect the efficiency of other medicines you are using.

Take time to exercise. But because the air in your city polluted, the best load to carry in enclosed spaces. During sports, it is important to monitor the degree of dehydration of the body and not to forget to drink water. Sports in General makes people more resilient, strengthening his health.

Protect the premises. For this you need to put a special protective air filters. Unfortunately, if you live next to a busy highway, often ventilate the apartment does not work, but there are all sorts of technological devices that purify and humidify the air, making it breathable. (READ MORE)