5 tips on how best to use honey

Honey exhibits antibacterial and antiviral effect, helps with colds, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and promotes fast recovery. In the season of rampant infections this product is simply irreplaceable. However, to use honey to properly.

If you want that honey brought maximum benefit to the body, listen to the recommendations of the experts on healthy nutrition. In particular, they find it helpful to drink in the morning upon waking a glass of warm boiled water with the two teaspoons of honey. This drink stimulates the metabolism in the body but also gives energy boost, help you quickly get in shape after sleep.

Experts emphasize that there is medsystem nahorodny stomach is not. As with any sweet treat, trapped in an empty stomach, honey, eaten on an empty stomach, will trigger a jump sugar and excessive insulin production.

Many people believe that honey can add to different dishes instead of sugar. Actually honey is best absorbed separately from other products.

Keep in mind that honey does not make a connection Shorashim. When nagrevaniya до60градусов is generated, compounds that act on the body as toxins. It is best to drink honey with plain warm water, tea or milk.

Doctors advise daily to drink not more than 1-2 teaspoons of honey – in this case it really would be a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, surpassing its usefulness of sugar. But honey should not be overestimated, this product is not a panacea for all ills. According to experts, the honey stands in one row with sweet fruits and dried fruits: these foods have a high glycemic index and useful strictly in moderation.

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