4 reasons every day to eat cranberries

Cranberry is among the Superfoods, has many useful properties for the body. And here are the four main reasons why we should eat cranberries as often as possible.

Let’s start with the fact that cranberries represent a valuable product for the protection of health of the oral cavity. Cranberry works wonders in the removal of bacterial plaque, preventing tooth decay and gum disease, i.e. gingivitis. So if you want the dentist as rarely as possible involved in treatment of your teeth, lean on the cranberries.

Contained in these berries, lemon juice and other nutrients incredibly effectively fighting the complications associated with the bladder. This is especially valuable for women, who most men are faced with cystitis. Cranberry is considered to be the most valuable berry. In addition, it does not form kidney stones, which cause very painful cramps.

Great value cranberry is for heart health due to the contained minerals and enzyme. Berries reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol that blocks arteries and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Drinking cranberry along with a healthy lifestyle protects against the most dangerous diseases are the primary cause of mortality of the population of our planet.

Well, concludes our small list of perhaps the most valuable property of cranberry – protection against various types of cancer. It is due to the presence of cranberry antioxidants that fight free radicals – harmful cells, infect other cells and damaging the immune system. In particular, cranberries are especially effective in preventing breast cancer. (READ MORE)