You can do yoga with reindeer at a ranch in Alaska

Ever been in a yoga class and thought: ‘yeah, this is fun, but I do wish there were more reindeer here’?

No, us neither. But someone, somewhere must have had this fleeting thought, as there’s now a place where you can do yoga with a load of reindeer.

Perfect for anyone who just doesn’t fancy yoga with dogs, cats, or miniature pigs.

Us UK-based vinyasa fans will need to make a bit of a trek to try reindeer yoga for ourselves, as the only place currently offering the option is the Running Reindeer Ranch in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The ranch is offering hour-long reindeer yoga sessions throughout the summer.

Each class begins with a safety talk so no one does anything silly (trying to do yoga while sitting atop a reindeer if not a good idea, for example), followed by an hour of hatha or vinyasa yoga surrounded by baby and adult reindeer.

The reindeer won’t be super involved, to be clear. They don’t have to do the yoga poses themselves, and are free to roam and graze as they please.

But anyone who fancies giving the reindeer a stroke or nuzzling their nose is welcome to. The instructor may also involve the reindeer in ways other than them just being a cool view, asking guests to tune in to the sound the reindeer are making or socialise with them.

If you’re not keen on yoga but do fancy hanging out with reindeer, you could always opt for the ranch’s reindeer walks instead.

As the name probably gives away, these involve going for a stroll through the forest with tame reindeer. Sounds very cute.

And if you like the sound of yoga but not reindeer, you can take your pick from, well, literally any other yoga class out there. There are quite a few without a reindeer in sight.

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