Women’s heart attacks differ from men’s

Scientific evidence suggests that the risk of heart accidents is about the same for men and women, but women’s heart attacks are diagnosed, on average, worse than men’s. According to experts, many women don’t know signs of heart attack that are specific to their gender that contribute to the sad statistics of heart attacks.

Cardiologist nick Goldberg, representing the American heart Association, spoke to the press Council, addressed to women. The expert urged the women to study and know the symptoms of heart attack that differ from those that occur in the case of the male heart attacks.

“What are the first Association with the phrase “heart attack”? Usually all imagine of a man in agony, clutching hands a breast. But in women the severity and pain in the heart can not be”, – said the doctor.
According to the expert, in case of a heart attack woman call an ambulance for 37 minutes later than their male counterparts. Such delay and the sluggishness of expert associates with the inability to recognize a heart attack. The inability to identify female heart attack explains the larger number of deaths from heart attack amongst ladies in comparison with men, according to the cardiologist.

What is the difference between heart attack women from men?

“Instead of heaviness in the chest women feel fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, pain in the back or the upper abdomen. Often these symptoms are taken for a panic attack,” said nick Goldberg.
The expert added that women who have had a heart attack, often reported they have manifested in pain, appearing as if from tightening the rope around the body. If this feeling lasts for 15 minutes, you need to seek help from doctors – if this symptom increases the risk of death, warned the doctor.

In addition, specific signs of female heart attack can be pain in the shoulder joint and pain in the jaw.

The expert recalled that women’s heart attack can happen at any age. With risk factors in the lives of women are combination birth control pills and Smoking, sedentary lifestyle, overeating, pregnancy and childbirth, diabetes, depression, heredity.

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