WHO chief researcher holds the width of the Corona-vaccination in mid-2021 for possible

A broad Corona vaccination could be done in the opinion of the chief scientist of the world health organization, WHO, in mid-2021.

"At the Moment, more than 20 vaccine candidates are in clinical Studien", Soumya Swaminathan said in an Interview with the German press Agency. "Therefore, we are confident that a few will work of them." At the beginning of 2021, the first results could be available. After the mass production of the vaccines could there be in mid-2021 a vaccine that is used on a broad Basis.

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"Of course, this is not vorhersagen", Swaminathan stressed. However, it has high hopes: "If we assume that there is a ten percent Chance for each of the vaccine candidates, to be successful, it means that one or two vaccines could be successful – maybe even more."

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