What to watch on New Year 2019 : a list of the best films for a good mood

No new year mood? Certainly, in the eve magic celebration, it is necessary that the spirit was at the highest level.To do this, simply choose the and look adorable Christmas story.Catch some great Comedy, coloriamo you prepare for the New year 2019и will create a holiday atmosphere in your home. Prepare your Christmas table the best movies!

It’s a wonderful life

American black-and-white Irony in the eve of new year and Christmas holidays. The movie is directed by Frank Caprata a wonderful life, which was nominated for Apatosaurus, including kategorileri film.

The main character George Bailey, the owner of the credit card companies webmanna American town of Bedford falls, honest, sympathetic, loving husbands father, a depressed fallen nanego adversity podumyval samoubiystva.

Tohelp him Snopes hurry the guardian angel who shows a desperate husband iotzu world busnago. Tomasica decides to postavljati their loved whore eve otpravlyaetsya to spend Christmas home. What will come of this? Take a look and learn the final.

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While you were sleeping

The movie While you were sleeping new year’s classic, although the film in 1995, it is not inferior novelties. This sensual and romantic story that began during the Christmas holidays.

Love is a beautiful dream, when I do not want to Wake up.

Shy of devushkami can not meet mujchinoy of her dreams, navidit every morning. Helps the case, and the girl saves the life of a stranger. Now enamored to admire inceleme day: Peter is saved hospital unconscious.

Family pooshibke takes Eesa the bride, ilusi don’t want to dissuade these lovely people. Because Hauge was attached knim, especially bratu Peter. Epoch unsuspecting fiance is sleeping, agonist fishing believes prekrasny sleep. Soon Lucy will have to choose between a fairy tale to Ithaca real love. Starring the incredible Sandra bullock. Watch and enjoy an unusual love story.

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Many wonder what would have become of their life, when they do something different.

What would you choose: to be a Director of a large investment company, to drive a Ferrari, live in the apartment tamilian dollars and still be a bachelor, or working as a salesman of tires and to move the city in the old minivan, dressing in the supermarket?

Think well before you answer, it’s not just fate, in the form of smoky black Santa Claus, presents an opportunity to try both versions of Jack. And, despite the huge number of comical situations, Jack still will have a difficult choice.

Starring the inimitable Nicolas cage that goes on the side of the senses, not the mind.

Four Christmas

Kate and brad have been together three years, they together attend dance lessons, have fun and relax for the Christmas holidays. In all respects they can be called the perfect couple, however, they are opposed to family bonds and marriage in all its forms, since both grew up in single-parent families.

Save your Christmas! Call your parents.

And here to celebrate another Christmas, the lovers decided to go to Fiji, so there is plenty of sunbathing and diving. However, due to the heavy fog all flights were cancelled, and the young people got into TV news. Well, now our heroes can not get away, and they will have to make four Christmas together with their numerous relatives.

Starring the inimitable Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, who’ll raise your mood to the maximum.


The polar Express

American children’s cartoon the Polar Express Director Robert Zemeckis, filmed on the eponymous book by Chris van Allsburg.

The plot of the cartoon the Polar Express tells us about the extraordinary travels of a little boy to the North pole in a magical train to Santa Claus. The boy believes in Santa Claus, despite the fact that all of his friends and family in one voice insists that it is only a fairy tale. And once the faith of the boy is rewarded. On the eve of Christmas, the boy suddenly gets the opportunity to go on a magical train to visit him.

In this holiday season… just believe!

Time travel apueste Polar Express, the young hero finds new friends poluchaet useful lesson.Heroes expect amazing journey on the way to their goal! Starring Tom Hanks, Michael Jeter, Nona Gaye.


The Nutcracker and the four kingdoms

Completes our top list of the best Christmas movies American adventure film about a girl Clara, who goes on a dangerous journey through the magical kingdoms.

It’s time to reveal the secret!

After receiving an unusual gift neodisco, young Clara goes zahvatyvayuschee journey posiadaczy places: the land of Snows, the Country of Flowers istrana Sweets. Nodivorce need to get IV the fourth Kingdom, gdaa will have to face Szalai army of mice in charge all this time neverojatno dangerous Mouse King.

Starring keira Knightley, Mackenzie Foy, Jaden Favora night.

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