Two-year-old cut off the hands and legs due to a strange disease

The two-year kid was amputated arms and legs due to a mysterious infection that doctors fail to diagnose doctors. It all started with intense heat and nausea a month ago.

Little Jeremiah Cox in his two years has already passed through the amputation of hands and feet after he was the victim of a mysterious infection. September 29, the boy’s temperature rose sharply, this was shortly after his newly pregnant mom went on maternity leave. The child was taken to Children’s hospital Riley of the city of Indianapolis, where the child’s health rapidly began to deteriorate and his whole body was covered with purple spots.

Doctors diagnosed him with septic shock and disorder called purpura, which was caused by an unknown bacterial infection that plagues doctors. Although antibiotics seems to be able to destroy it, the blood flow to the extremities of the child for some time ceased, so that the infection can start to spread. To save the baby’s life doctors were forced to cut off his hands and feet. Until now, Jeremiah is in the hospital, where he learns to cope with his stumps.

His 19-year-old mother said that the baby the day before this illness looked healthy and happy when playing in the Park with other children. As soon as the child started having symptoms such as fever and vomiting, the parents immediately took him to the hospital, but it was too late to save the baby’s health. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of the purpura and gave him a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics. Magicforum recalls that purpura is a medical symptom which describes the pathology of the parts of the system, that is shown by fine spotty hemorrhages under the skin and mucous membranes. Purpura may be caused by infectious diseases, but for a successful treatment you need to know the type of bacteria it provoked. (READ MORE)