Three Winnipeg women complete cross-country canoe trip for cystic fibrosis

A group of friends recently completed a cross country canoe trip aiming to end cystic fibrosis.

Known as the Byway Babes, Claire Davis, Kendra Hurley and Rylea McEvoy paddled from Vancouver, B.C. to Saint John, N.B. over six months.

“We’re feeling pretty great,” said Davis.

“Claire actually has cystic fibrosis. We wanted to help find a cure. Researchers have been making a lot progress and we wanted to help do our part,” said Hurley on why they wanted to embark on this trip.

“It really means a lot my friends support this much. It’s fantastic,” Davis added with a smile.

The trip was two years in the making in order to properly plan for the journey and ensure every logistical matter was addressed.

The six-month adventure had a lot different experiences.

“We slept on the riverbank in a tent mostly. We ate a lot of freeze dried food. We also did a lot sampling as we went across Canada. Also, lots of Tim Hortons,” said McEvoy.

While the paddle was smooth for the most part, there was one challenge that stood out to them.

“We were on Lake Superior and we encountered swells that were six feet wide. Eventually we decided to not risk it anymore and just rest for the night,” said McEvoy.

When reflecting back on the trip, the group agreed that Canada is truly full of nice people.

“Canada is just a natural beauty. We also met so many wonderful and caring individuals. It was just amazing,” Hurley said.

The trio is still raising funds for CF until the end of the year.

You can see the exact route by visiting their website.

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