This Anxious Pregnant Woman Grilled Her SIL Shortly After She Gave Birth & Reddit Isn't Here for It

Medical anxiety is real — and when it comes to pregnancy, there are even more factors that can feed into this. It’s no longer just your health and safety on the line; your baby’s wellbeing is a concern, too.

Reddit user @Natalia-better knows a thing or two about pregnancy-related medical anxiety. Unfortunately, she may have let her fears pollute her relationship with her boyfriend’s sister, who was not down for a game of 20 Questions shortly after giving birth.

@Natalia-better took to the famed /AmITheAsshole Subreddit for some opinions on their messy postpartum confrontation. For context: @Natalia-better is 29 years old, 32 weeks pregnant, and wracked with anxiety about giving birth.

“I have a mild needle-phobia, and I must have a low pain threshold and don’t cope that well with pain,” she wrote. “I cry during smear tests, stress during vaccinations, and totally hyperventilate during blood tests. I once booked a bikini wax and had to abandon it. … I can’t bear the thought of the epidural needle so will have to have the pain and worry about how bad it will be and if they want to cut me. I’m really scared. I feel sick at the thought of stitches.”

Needless to say, @Natalia-better’s pregnancy-related checkups and procedures have been “terrible.” Her boyfriend, “Eli,” hasn’t been very helpful, either. “He keeps either just telling me it’s going to be OK, trying to change the subject, or making typical male ‘problem-solving’ type suggestions, [like] suggesting hypnosis or therapy to get me over the fear, which is quite patronizing, as if he thinks it’s just fear and not pain.”

To Eli’s point, it does sound like fear and anxiety surrounding pain, but I get where she’s coming from. No one likes to feel unheard, especially by their partner.

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