These Unisex Sex Toys Make Sure Everyone Can Play

When it comes to you and your partner’s pleasure, there’s no reason to play by any kind of gender binary rules. While countless brands fall back on the basic hyper femme clit stimulator design or a bit more masculine penis ring, more and more of our favorite sex toy retailers recognize that sex and gender are two totally different things and that the vibe for our vibes (and other pleasure helpers) don’t need to feel like a throw-back to the gender essentialist toy aisle jaunts of years past. Because growth

If we’re being real, any sex toy can be a gender neutral sex toy (if you believe in yourself, it’s made of body-safe materials and you’re game to play around) and the realms of impact/sensation play are definitely seen as unisex endeavors. But it sure helps to know that there are some brands out there looking to make sure that everyone feels included and seen in the sex toy ecosystem — whether you’re trans or non-binary, or just not looking at your sex life in terms of “for him” and “for her” labels. 

No matter what parts you or your partner(s) might have or the parts you like to play in your sex lives, there are plenty of toys that are versatile, accessible and really freakin fun for all parties involved. Read on for just a few of our favorite gender neutral sex toys and see if there’s anything that might become your new favorite toy.


Lelo’s sister brand PicoBong brought this funky little versatile vibe into the world. Whether you need it to be a rabbit, a clit stimulator, a G-spot vibe, a prostate massager, a cock ring or a double ended dildo, it’s a flexible ride-or-die for anyone’s toy collection. 


Penis or not, pivot works with its comfortable and convenient design and rumbly vibrations to satisfy every kind of body.


Finger vibrators are a great way for everyone to be more hands-on with your pleasure. 

Maude Vibe

With a minimalist, sleek and highly instagrammable look, Maude’s vibe is an elevated and versatile option for experienced users and newbies alike.

B-Bibe Novice Plug

Sex toys are like assholes — everyone has a lot of potential to have fun with ’em. The novice plug remains a beautifully non-intimidating introduction into anal play. 

OHMIBOD Club Vibe 3.0

Anyone can enjoy a wearable massager, whether you’re into a bit of exhibition or not. The three funky modes give everyone a chance to find the vibe that works for them. 


In a long list of flexible and versatile toys, Crescendo is a fun one that brings 16 intensities, multiple shapes and a smart app to satsify every high-tech sex geek. 


Designed with every kind of body in mind, Enby is an adorable little alien of a vibe that aims to please everyone. With three speeds, five vibe patterns and a ton of different ways to place it’s soft silicone design, it’s a MVP among MVPs. 

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