The New Moon In Taurus Has BIG Things In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

There’s something about the beginning of May that makes you feel like something big is on the horizon. The weather is still warm (most days), and you’re so close to the unofficial start of the winter season, you can almost taste the red wine and carb-heavy comfort food.


Well, this year, the universe really is dishing out some serious change around the start of May, but don’t worry, it’s going to be awesome. There’s a new moon in Taurus happening on May 4, and it’s all about enjoying life.

Here’s what else you can expect from the new moon in Taurus, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta.

What does the new moon in Taurus mean for you?

In the world of astronomy, a new moon is when the moon is dark. You technically can’t see it because the side that is lit by the sun is facing away from us, NASA explains. In astrology, new moons are a time to kick back and reflect on life, Page says.

This new moon is at a crosspoint between the spring solstice and summer equinox, which gives the new moon extra meaning. You’ll be super aware that the days are getting shorter and want to do **everything** you can to max out your extracurriculars when it’s light out, Page says. That can lead to some pretty cool ~vibes~ for you—and a baller social life.

How will the new moon in Taurus affect your sign?

Above all, you’ll really just want to enjoy life’s pleasures. That could mean going big, like traveling to a different city to see Beyoncé (which, after Homecoming, I dare you to name anything more enjoyable), or just lying out on a picnic blanket at your local park and watching the clouds float by.

“You’ll have an innate sense of appreciating the finer things in life—and feeling a sense of frustration when you can’t get it,” Page says. So…maybe take a pass on watching a KUWTK marathon around this time. You don’t need that kind of envy in your life.

At the same time this is going down, all of the planets in the new moon are on the right side of the zodiac, creating what Page calls an “imbalanced energy” (yikes). That might make you prone to focusing all of your energy in one area of your life, while unintentionally sacrificing something else important in the process. Think: making so many plans with your friends that you accidentally neglect your S.O. or lose focus at work.

All of the signs will be impacted by the new moon in Taurus, but Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius will feel it the most, Page says.

Above all, the new moon in Taurus shouldn’t completely rock your world, but it should make you enjoy life a little more this spring—provided you do your best to keep a healthy balance.

What does the new moon in Taurus mean for the rest of your month and year?

Well, it depends on what you do during the actual new moon, Page says. If you end up neglecting your love life/friends/work/whatever, there could be lasting repercussions (dun dun dunnn).

But if you’re able to keep yourself in check, it should just allow you to appreciate what you’ve got going on, so you can move forward feeling better than ever.

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