The manufacturer will return your call Sushi from the shelves of Penny and Aldi

Two manufacturer’s recall Sushi boxes from the shelves of the discounters Penny and Aldi Süd. From the consumption of these products with the use-by-date 30. October is strongly discouraged, warned Natsu Food in Neuss and Shisu in Leipzig on Saturday.

It cannot be excluded that, in individual cases, black hard plastic can in the salmon salad component. Affected: Ready Sushi Box Hana and Ready Sushi Box Kiku from the Penny markets, as well as snack time Sushi Box Sunakku and snack time Sushi Box Shokuji of Aldi Süd.

The company the affected products, according to information from the sale. Customers can return the purchased item for a refund of the purchase price.