The latest methods of treatment of rosacea

Rosacea(acne rosacea) has many varieties and stages. And unfortunately, today medicine can only deal with the symptoms, but not curing it. What is effective therapy for rosacea?

General treatment rosacea

All medications that are assigned to patients currently in the treatment of rosacea, can only eliminate the symptoms but not get rid of it completely.

Associated diseases:


Rosacea should be treated early to prevent the development of severe edema and irreversible fibrosis. What is fibrosis? This thickening of the connective tissue.

Treatment of rosacea usually depends on the variety and stage of the disease.

Associated symptoms:

Edema (swelling) Spider veins Redness of the face Redness of the skin Red eyes Itching Oily skinAcne

And medicines for local application and drugs for oral administration, which are used in the treatment of rosacea, and those drugs that are often prescribed, often come down to this list:

  • the gel based on metronidazole;
  • sulfacetamide sodium sulphur as a cleansing agent;
  • azelaic acid;
  • tetracycline inside;
  • macrolide antibiotics.

When treating rosacea it is better to combine as a local gel for the face and the drugs inside. Such an approach is necessary to:

  • to reduce the primary symptoms of the disease;
  • to prevent relapse if the patient stops taking the pills inside;
  • to monitor the development of the disease for a long time.

Tabletki received before the end of the inflammatory process, and znachimaya 12 weeks.

Antibiotics are traditionally considered the primary treatment in this case. Primarily this is because they have anti-inflammatory action, placentomegaly therapy:tetracycline and macrolide.

Topical treatment rosacea

Today, there are only three drugs for local application, approved by Management on control over foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA). It is a drugs for the treatment of papules, pustules and erythema. Among them:

  • gel for topical application of metronidazole (0,75%, 1%);
  • 10% sulfacetamide sodium sulfur 5%;
  • 15% gel azelaic acid.

Other drugs that are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of rosacea, but it has proven effective include:

  • benzoyl peroxide;
  • clindamycin;
  • retinoids;
  • local steroids.

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Antibiotics rosacea

Have antibiotikoterapii its effectiveness is that the number of symptoms of this skin disease is reduced during their use.

Currently there is only one antibiotic for rosacea, which is endorsed by experts doxycycline.

Historically, the emergence of the disease rosacea was associated with bacterial infection.

Currently there is only one antibiotic for rosacea, which the FDA approved doxycycline (an antibiotic tetracycline).

The prospect of a cure in the future

Therapy is aimed at reducing symptoms and improving appearance of the patient. Many questions concerning the causes of the disease remain open to this day. First of all, the doctors are trying to minimize the risk. But if the patient feels the symptoms of rosacea, even avoiding risk factors, metronidazole in gel form remains the primary drug that is indicated for rosacea.

Other means for external use can be used as an alternative to metronidazole. Among them are the following drugs:

  • sulfacetamide sodium sulfur content;
  • azelaic acid;
  • benzoyl peroxide;
  • erythromycin;
  • clindamycin.

Oral antibiotics that prevent recurrence of disease and help to achieve stable remission, are often used in combination with local ointments and creams. Oral antibiotic doxycycline was approved FDА. It is necessary to treat the inflammation caused by the disease rosacea.

If the medications for local applications and oral antibiotics don’t help, then laser treatment of vascular pathologies and phototherapy good options.And laseri phototherapy relieve patients of spider veins (telangiectasia).

It is necessary to investigate genetic factors in the appearance of rosacea,conduct histological studies and explore papules and pustules. This will help in treating skin diseases. According to scientists, the standard diagnosis of rosacea, which is now used in many clinics, helps detect the disease at an early stage. And it is encouraging that patients in future will be able to get rid of rosacea.

Source:US Pharmacist

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