The cause of asthma in children may be obese

Specialists at Duke University in the US came to the conclusion that obesity in children can be a cause of asthma, and weight gain can become a kind treatment of this disease. The results of this study published the journal Pediatrics.

“A quarter of asthma cases in children with obesity can be caused by obesity, and that means that they can be avoided with the help of weight loss”, – said the authors of a new study.
In favor of this opinion is indicated by the results of the analysis of data from six children’s treatment centres, collected as a result of 19 million visits to physicians 507 496 children. It turned out that the children with obesity and overweight had a higher risk of developing asthma. In particular obese children the likelihood of asthma was 30% higher in obese children (overweight but not yet obese) is 17% higher. Risk of asthma due to obesity has been tested in several models that took into account the effects of the other, can lead to asthma factors such as gender, age, socio-economic status and allergies. The correlation remained the same and testified to the fact that obesity can be a leading cause of children’s asthma.

Scientists say that asthma is a chronic disease the No. 1 in children. The reasons for the development of the disease can be how genetics and viral infection, transferred in early childhood. These factors, according to scientists, medicine to prevent today can not. But if we take into account the fact that the cause of asthma may be obesity, it turns out that this is the only risk factor that can be influenced, thereby promoting the cure of asthma, believe the authors.

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