The 5 most useful health properties of beans

Seldom use as a side dish with rice and fried potatoes and beans often. Here are 5 amazing beneficial health properties of this product.

Beans can definitely be included in the list of dietetic foods, as it saturates for a long time due to soluble fibers. In addition, high concentration protein also promotes satiety and weight loss. Fans of the beans traditionally, there is less body weight.

Beans full of amino acids, considered the building blocks of proteins. Proteins needed by our cells for their regulation, structure, and assistance in the functioning of all tissues and organs. Analyzing genetic information in DNA, the proteins also help to form new molecules.

Beans promotes digestive health and supports regular bowel movements due to the large amount of dietary fiber. This product strengthens colon health by improving the functionality of the intestinal barrier and increase the number of healthy bacteria, which prevent many diseases.

Eating beans on a daily basis reduces the risk of heart attacks and other heart problems. This is due to the presence of dietary fiber and lower levels of “bad” cholesterol, increase cholesterol “good”.

Finally, beans contain a complex carbohydrate called starch. It consists of a polysaccharide called amylopectin and amylose. Beans – an excellent food for diabetics because it is a carbohydrate, slowly releasing into the blood sugar and the body needs more time to digest. (READ MORE)