So you prevent ingrown toenails

Frequent risk of infection on the big toe

Ingrown toenails not only for pain, redness, and swelling, in some cases, they also lead to infection that can even become chronic. In General, the big toe is affected. The corner of the toenail grows into the adjacent soft meat and it provides for the complaints. Doctors give tips on how you should proceed against ingrown toenails and how to prevent them to occur again.

Ingrown toe nails can often be a good self-medicate. Medical experts from the Mayo Clinic explain what factors you should consider when self-treatment and how to deal with a re-Waxing. If the pain is too strong, or spread, a doctor should be consulted. In particular, in the case of people with Diabetes or diseases associated with poor blood flow, there is a higher risk for complications.

What are the symptoms of an ingrown toenail?

When a toe hurts every time they touch along one or both sides of the nail, there is a high probability that the nail growing in the flesh. Often, you will recognize this is also a redness around the toenail or swelling of the toe. Wearing shoes is often a torment.

What factors contribute to a growing Toenail

According to information from the Mayo Teams of the Wearing of tight shoes promotes the Ingrowth of the nail. Often the Toenail is cut too short. An injury to the nail such as a crack or a fracture also increases the risk of Ingrowth. In addition, the risk is increased in individuals whose toenails are bent by nature.

To treat an ingrown nail

As the Expert reports of experts of the Mayo Clinic, an ingrown Toenail to treat a good home. Please also refer to the following steps:

As ingrown nails have no Chance

Note the above procedure should be to grow the nails with the time from the meat. Now should be noted, according to the doctors some of the things, so that the nail will not re-waxing. The proper Cutting of the toenails is one of the most important opportunities for Prevention. Many people cut their nails too short and to follow the round shape of the top Ten. The experts emphasize, however, that you should cut the nails in a straight line, so that the corners stay a little longer. The nails should be as far as cuts, the underlying meat is visible. In addition, mainly shoes should be worn, not put too much pressure on the toes.

If left untreated, severe damage could be caused

The doctors of the Mayo Clinic, in a communication to the fact that an untreated ingrown Toenail can lead in the worst case, to serious complications. For example, ulcers of the foot, bone infections or necrosis, which can make surgery necessary, threaten. (vb)