Single Millennials, Listen Up: You’re Probably Guilty Of Instagrandstanding

Are you single? A millennial? A slave to social media? If the answer to any of the above was a resounding yes, chances are that you my friend, are an Instagrandstander.

Adding to the ever-expanding list of dating lingo in 2019, the term is used to describe a person who carefully curates an Insta post with the sole purpose of appearing more favourable to a member of the opposite sex. (E.g. Your crush is a huge AFL fan, so you tactically share a throwback snap of you and the girls at a game.)

Sure, it’s kinda sneaky. But dating guru James Preece told Metro UK it can also be a super powerful tool if used properly.

“The whole point of social media is to advertise your life and share what you are up to,” he said. “If you demonstrate that you are happy, successful and above all – fun – then other people will want to be a part of it. Think of your social media platform as a CV. It’s got to sell your plus points and help you stand out from the competition. If it doesn’t add value then don’t use it.”

Essentially, it’s about proving to a potential love interest that your posts are, well… interesting.

“To reflect how you would be on a date,” James explained. “A little intrigue and mystery is good too…so don’t be afraid to have little ‘hints” of your personality.’

That said, proceed with caution: you don’t want to get caught out for being a fake.

“If you do enter into a relationship then they’ll wonder why things don’t match up,” James said. “The trust can be lost if they think you tried to trick them. Instead, focus on everything you are genuinely interested in and make the most of them.”

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