Sexual activity is inherited from mothers

American scientists came to the conclusion that children often inherit the parent script of sexual activity: the more active the mother, the higher sexual activity will differ in their offspring. About the study, which was done this conclusion, reports Eurekalert.

It is known that children subconsciously imitate parents and reproduce the models of parental life. A new study showed that the high sexual activity and early sexual debut are associated not only with psychological aspects and peculiarities of education. Scientists have pronounced that sexual activity can identify mutations in genes that control brain function, and sexual experience and number of partners can be inherited.

Since 1979, the researchers observed the life of almost 8 thousand thousand young boys, girls, and then their children. The experts concluded that children can inherit the mating behavior of their mothers and the mother’s relationship with the partners. In particular, this relationship is clearly seen in daughters and their mothers.

Experts have noted that sexual activity, inherited from mother, is related to their children both good and negative communication skills with the opposite sex.

“Women who have many partners, often do not know how to build relationships with them, to behave in conflict situations. This instability in the relationship is passed on to children,” – said in this regard, one of the authors of the research Claire camp shower.
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