Sexomnia the intima leads to the unconscious in dreams

According to researchers, sexsomnia affects about one percent of people on Earth. For this violation is typical of the unconscious erotic dream: a person can enter into a sexual relationship, but will sleep. Sexologists say that the true nature of the origin sexomnia not yet entirely clear.

From the confessions of people suffering from sexomnia, it follows that they often Wake up in a situation of the unconscious Dating from the negative reactions of the partner, as the sex in such cases it happens without foreplay and desires from the opposite side. According to the doctor-sexologist, candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Poleev, sexomnia is a very rare disease associated with stagnant foci of excitation in the brain.

In 2010, scientists from Toronto reported at the annual meeting of the Association of the society of researchers of dream, unconscious sex more often men than women. Sexologist Alexander Poleev added that there are cases sexomnia when men with years impotence suddenly experience a very strong erection. All this can happen quite unconsciously, at this moment they can not Wake up. As explained Poleev, the doctors know about the existence of sexomnia, describe such cases of unconscious sex. But how to treat it, it is not clear and specialists sexomnia not treated.

“Why is this happening, the science to say it can’t. Committed some of the actions that the memory is not affected. Deep structure of the brain is not yet investigated,” – said at the same Poleev.
Another Russian expert, doctor-sexologist Natalia Romanovskaya, spoke about the fact that the episodes sexomnia man, unconscious sex during sleep may be symptoms of a form of epilepsy with momentary lapse of consciousness of the patient. While a person sleeps, however, can take actions based on instincts.

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