Scientists have learned what time of day the body burns maximum calories

Scientists got an unexpected results, having studied how many calories people burn at various times of the day. It turns out that at rest in the evening people spend 10% more energy than early morning.

These findings emphasize the important role circadian rhythm when we are talking about the impact on the metabolism. The new data help explain why the rhythm of sleep and nutrition lead to weight gain.

The fact that for the same load at different times of the day so burns different amount of calories, was a big surprise to us, said the study’s author kersee-Maria Sitting (Kirsi-MarjaZitting) from the Department of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders hospitals BrighamandWomensHospital at the Medical school of Harvard University.

To determine the change in the intensity of metabolism during the day without affecting their physical activity, the cycle of day and night, and diet, the researchers monitored seven study participants in the laboratory without telling them about the time. In the cell there was no clock, no Windows, no phones and no Internet. People had to go to bed and Wake up at a certain time. Every day is time shifted four hours later, which is the equivalent of traveling West across four time zones each for three weeks.

As they are every week virtual around the globe, the internal clock of the body was not able to work the old way, – said study co-author Jeannie Duffy (JeanneDuffy)

It was shown that the least waste of body energy alone was during the biological night, and the highest after 12 hours, the biological night. Respiratory coefficient, reflecting the degree of assimilation of the macronutrients, there was minimal biological night and the highest biological morning.

It is important not only what we eat but when we eat and rest. All this affects how much energy we burn and how much fat stored in the body. Regular food and sleep is very important for overall health, adds Duffy.

Ukrainian Andrei