Remedy for sleep disorders often superfluous or even risky

Consumer advocates: effect of the products against insomnia doubtful

Million people in Germany suffer from sleep disorders. Too little sleep not only ensures that those Affected are during the day, mostly tired, but also is a risk to health. The use of over-the-counter remedies to promote better sleep, is not usually recommended nevertheless. Some of these drugs can even be dangerous.

Serious health problems

Sleep disorders can not only have fatigue and concentration problems, but also serious health problems. Doctors have already found that sleep disturbances increase the risk for Diabetes, cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension and stroke, mental illnesses such as depression and lead to a weakening of the immune system. Unfortunately, many of those Affected to grab hastily for self-medication and use of sleeping pills without a prescription. Such products, however, are often unnecessary or even dangerous.

Adequate sleep is important for health. Prescription medications for sleep disorders are generally not recommended. (Image: Lars Zahner/

More and more people suffer from sleep disorders

How the consumer writes the Central Hesse in a recent communication, will feel more and more people are exhausted or suffer from sleep disorders.

New products, such as “Good night Drink”, “Smart Sleep” or “Tyme out” often promise a restful sleep or relaxation.

The cost of the remedies in liquid, powder or tablet form to be between € 0.79 until 4,39 Euro per Serving.

A recent market sampling, the consumer Central Hesse, which has reviewed 13 products from Online stores and stores, showed, however, that for their supposed effects, in many cases, the documents are missing.

Advertising with unproven Health claims

According to the consumer advocates, most manufacturers set as active ingredients of plant extracts such as Valerian, hops and lemon balm, which are used as components of herbal teas and traditional medicines known.

In addition, the amino acids L-theanine and Gamma-aminobutyric acid, and Melatonin plug, in particular in the dietary supplements from Online stores.

The consumer Association criticised that the manufacturers promise with mostly unproven Health such as “Better to fall asleep and sleep through the night” or “the new drug … will promote the Regeneration of another boost”.

But only for the Melatonin effects are recognized on sleep and statements to the Jetlag-Feeling, and the sleep time allowed for food.

Not sufficient scientific evidence that L-theanine and Gamma-aminobutyric acid ensure a normal sleep or memory.

Absurd it will be if the providers advertise their as sleep drinks advertised products with “… contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue”. The statement is allowed for additions of Magnesium, iron, Vitamin C and B vitamins.

“As you should, however, fall asleep in less fatigue, better not to explain to the provider,” says Wiebke Franz of the consumer Central Hesse.

In part, risky compounds

According to the consumer Central Hesse a dietary Supplement with plant extracts or nutrient concentrates are not entered automatically harmless. The scientific evaluation of most of the plant substances for food from a stand still.

Therefore, it is not clear how safe those materials are. For example, can be reversed at a very high dosage of Valerian effect, and restlessness.

And in the case of long-term intake of large amounts of Vitamin B6 can lead to nerve disorders such as Numbness. Also interactions of plant extracts and high nutrient dosages with drugs cannot be ruled out.

“Therefore, we are of the opinion that five of the 13 products surveyed, can be hazardous to health,” said Franz.

Some tips for healthy sleep

Overstimulation and any kind of chronic Stress play in the case of sleep disturbances a major role, which is why patients often have relaxation techniques for stress relief can help.

Conducive to a restful night’s sleep is also a healthy life and the absence of coffee, nicotine, alcohol, and intense sports in the evening.

The consumer advice centre of Hesse has even more tips:

Individual bedtime rituals, for example, listen to relaxing music or read.

In time to go offline.

At an early stage and not directly in front of the Sleeping light-weight, well-tolerated food in rather small portions of food.

Furthermore, Drinking soothing herbal tea or hot milk to the widespread home remedies for sleep disorders. (ad)