Real Health Podcast: Your Real Health Christmas survival kit

We all know December is about Christmas parties, nights out and too much food and drink, but how can you stay in shape whilst also going out partying?  Welcome to your Real Health Christmas Survival Kit! 

For this week’s episode I’m giving you the tips to have the best of both worlds.  I tell you how to have your nights out, how to lessen their impact on your body and how to still be fit and healthy.

From the right food and drink, to keeping your exercise going during the hardest month of the year, these are tips that work really well and are proven for me and the clients I work with. 

My tips cover never going out on an empty stomach to drinking water with your alcohol and skipping dessert; plus not trying to do too much, buddying up, taking part in events and exercising as early in the day as possible, all of which ensures you can still keep yourself in shape.

Life is about balance.  Going out over Christmas is great and should be done, but you should be mindful to not overdo it ruining yourself for the days afterwards.

And don’t forget: use December as a time for reflection to look back on all that you’ve achieved and what you want to achieve in 2019.

Let me know how you get on via email [email protected] or contact Karl on Twitter @karlhenrypt.

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