Quitting Smoking will protect women from stroke

In order to reduce the risk of stroke after menopause, women should quit Smoking. However, quitting Smoking is useful for many other reasons.

Dominated by the view that cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes – this is purely a male problem. In fact, millions of women every year become victims of these dangerous disturbances in the heart and brain. There are proven by science to reduce the risk of stroke related to diet, control blood pressure, taking beta-blockers and regular visits to doctors. Researchers from the University of Michigan discovered one such method. They found that if women quit Smoking, their risk of becoming victims of stroke after menopause is greatly reduced.

Smoking is a risk factor for disorders in the arteries, the study showed. Quitting Smoking allows you to clean the arteries from dangerous accumulations that may cause blood clots and thus lead to ischemic stroke. Scientists also confirmed that a certain amount of physical activity and a healthy diet is also necessary for stroke prevention.

“Mid-life is critical for women a window in which they can take care of the future health of the cardiovascular system and to do a lot for healthy aging – as stated by the researchers. – During menopause are often marked metabolic changes, especially the jump in cholesterol levels and blood pressure. They can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and impaired cognitive functions. Quitting Smoking is one of the best actions you can take to protect health.” (READ MORE)