Products with farmers markets can cause poisoning

At popular farmers ‘ markets can extend a real infection, which can cause food poisoning. And all because the sellers don’t wear gloves and hold together the raw and cooked food.

When we buy farm products, the last thing I think about the danger of food poisoning. The trend of the so-called organic products is gaining momentum, and people are spending on their purchase means much more than similar products in supermarkets. But if the stores goods are carefully Packed and laid out in separate refrigerators and shelves that help to prevent their mutual contamination by bacteria at the farmers markets, nothing like this happens. Local sellers do not use special gloves, not paying much attention to packaging their products, and sometimes on one tray is like cooked and uncooked foods, what will happen to a bacterial infection.

In particular, the American researchers found that 40% of beef that are sold on such markets, contains E. coli causing diarrhea. The traces of this dangerous bacteria found in other meats and vegetables. All trading farmers did not use special disposable gloves when imposed to buyers of certain products in bags and baskets. Moreover, the farmers quietly took these hands, money which contain a lot of dirt, and then they put the goods. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania believe that the farmer’s market is not enough to observe the basic rules of food hygiene.

The number of agricultural markets in Russia is very great, and in America it has reached 8500. The UK Is the number is growing already in the hundreds. It is believed that farmers ‘ markets will seriously displace the supermarkets in how they sell products straight from the garden minutes is a long chain of manufacturers and middlemen. (READ MORE)