Powell River teen with special needs desperately awaits medivac to Vancouver

A Powell River mother is speaking out as her son desperately awaits transfer to hospital in Vancouver.

Shawna Lamden Bennett’s 14-year-old son Isaac has been under heavy sedation at Powell River General Hospital since Sunday.

Isaac has severe autism, and about 10 days ago his school placed him in a bathroom.

He had a strong reaction, and for several minutes banged his head against a wall.

Now doctors think Isaac may have a slow brain bleed and he urgently needs care in Vancouver.

Doctors fear Isaac may have a slow brain bleed.

But he’s still waiting for a transfer.

“We’ve had to have some hard discussions. Preparing ourselves for the fact we may not be bringing him home the way we want to,” Lamden Bennett told Global News.

Lamden Bennett says the family was initially told there wasn’t a hospital bed available in Vancouver.

Then the issue was transportation.

BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) responded to Global News in an email, saying “BCEHS received a request to transfer this patient late Monday, and on Wednesday a transfer plan by air ambulance was confirmed. The transfer was scheduled for [Thursday] morning, but poor weather prevented the flight.”

Now, with more poor weather in the forecast, it’s unclear when Isaac will be moved.

For safety reasons he can’t be transported by ground.

So for now at least, Isaac remains in Emergency at Powell River General Hospital.

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