Pharmacists are sounding the Alarm: Germany, the flu vaccine is

The next flu wave is as good as in front of the door. But who wants to be vaccinated, should hurry up. Because nationwide pharmacists report a shortage of flu vaccine. For a reproduction, it is already too late: When the current stocks are consumed, there is no more replenishment.

Who wants to be in this year, be vaccinated against influenza, should hurry up. Because the vaccines are so sold out, the manufacturers just provide the last remaining stocks. Nationwide pharmacist make in the search for reserves. The pharmacy ad Hoc reports in the industry.

Manufacturers have finished production already

Around 15.3 million doses of the vaccine has shared the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI). Although the demand is greater than in the previous year, the descendants is not a vaccine. Because the manufacturers have finished production already.

The planning was based Mylan (Influvac Tetra), Sanofi (Vaxigrip Tetra), Glaxo Smith Kline (Influsplit Tetra) and Astra Zeneca (Fluenz Tetra) to the pre-orders. But Doctors and pharmacists had long hesitated, because after the ban of the rebate contracts, it was unclear what requirements are to be observed. The transition from tri – to Tetra-valent vaccine came: As in April, it was clear that the vaccination will be paid against four instead of three strains of the flu virus from the cash registers, lead remained the manufacturers.

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The Situation chaotic as ever – stocks sold off already

Nationwide pharmacist to speak, where the vaccine is lacking. The Situation was chaotic as ever, says a large trader. Occasionally goods, so that the practices can still be supplied. However, this is now: All firms indicated on demand, their stocks have already been sold. Will comply with nothing, because in the factories now, the vaccine for the southern hemisphere is produced.