Non-alcoholic beer is the worst choice for former alcoholics

Soft drinks, which by its appearance and taste very similar to present alcohol is the worst that can be offered in the new year holidays, the one who decided to quit drinking. This opinion was expressed by people who have recovered from alcohol addiction.

Ask of someone who abuses alcohol about why they stopped drinking. It may seem that they did it out of hatred for alcohol, but actually, they loved everything to do with this ritual, including the anticipation of the first SIP, the choice of glass and even the sound of ice falling into glasses. However, alcohol has a devastating effect on health, and if the person does not stop in time, you will face premature death and many diseases. Those recovering from alcohol people notice that they begin to function much better. But many somehow think that if you offer such a person a soft drink, the taste is almost completely the traditional alcoholic beverages, thereby it will feel better and not put the body at risk.

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Not only many experts in the field of treatment of alcoholism, former alcoholics have proved that drinking beer with zero alcohol content or similar “masquerading” spirits brings enormous harm. And do not consider these drinks are the perfect Christmas gift for someone with alcohol dependence. After all, these products look so realistic for those who once could not live without them. Before uncorking the bottle, they are undergoing through the stage of anticipation. When the desired intoxication does not occur, and all around having fun and drinking real alcohol, ex-alcoholics with very high probability also to switch to it.

Many people think that alcoholism is only a problem of uncontrolled consumption. In reality, it’s a behavior problem. You do not need to give going through treatment for alcoholism person even the illusion of those feelings, which he so longs. Indeed, in this case the probability of failure will be much higher than when a full, absolute and final abstinence. (READ MORE)