NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh outlines pharmacare plan, won’t say how he’d pay for it

As he campaigns for the upcoming byelection in Burnaby South, the seatless leader of Canada’s NDP is making a pitch to voters in the general election.

Jagmeet Singh says an NDP government would provide universal, comprehensive health-care coverage for all Canadians. But he dodged questions about how much his plan would cost.

“I look at it as an investment,” Singh said. “I think it’s something we need to make a priority.”

During a campaign stop in Burnaby Wednesday morning, Singh said Canada needs to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry to lower the cost of drugs and ensure everyone can access medication they need.

“We’re the only country in the world that has a universal health-care system… that doesn’t also include some form of coverage for medication.”

Singh says what the Liberals are proposing is a “patchwork” system that won’t help all Canadians.

According to a Feb. 1 Reuters report, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals will propose a limited expansion to the country’s universal health-care system in the spring budget, to cover part of the cost of prescription drugs.

Singh has no seat in the House of Commons, but he hopes to change that with a win in Burnaby South on Feb. 25.

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